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Do you feel Helpless & Hopeless?

I remember how Helpless and Hopeless I felt when my doctors said, “Amber, your ulcerative colitis is so severe that will be on Remicade the rest of your life… just accept your disease…..find another profession because you’ll never be able to continue your career as a professional ballroom dancer….”


Do you want some Power over your life again?

I remember how Powerless I felt when I couldn’t plan my life more than one day in advance because I never knew what painful surprises my body had in store for me.  Now I feel I have control over my body and no longer feel my body has control over me.


Are you Determined to regain your health?

I was determined never to give up or give in.  I did thousands of hours of research and tried all alternative methods I could access until I found what worked for me & turned my health around.


With Amber’s help, you too can take back control of your health & live your life, pain-free!


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