Investing In Your Health

In your consultations with me you will get:

  • iStock_000027854114Smalla thorough review of your main complaints, symptoms, health history, self-health assessments and health goals
  • access to methods that will help identify healing opportunities
  • a personalized step-by-step D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® action plan to help support your healing
  • regular follow-up consultations
  • an empathetic, caring experience (I’ve gone through the pain & struggles of uc myself)


I work with clients who:

  • Are serious about wanting to improve the functioning of their bodies for optimal health
  • Want to learn more about their bodies so that they can take their health and healing into their own hands
  • Are willing to make the necessary changes and sacrifices to improve their health
  • Have tried other methods of healing that haven’t worked

Why can you trust me as your health coach?

  • I am a Certified FDN Practitioner
  • I am Certified Coach (CCF)
  • I am certified in several mind-body methods
  • I am experienced in goal setting and planning
  • I have years of experience as an educator
  • I am an Ulcerative Colitis survivor!


Coaching Fees

Initial 30-min Case Assessment FREE
Health Coaching Consultations Please inquire – it will depend on your individual needs


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